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The classifieds are not moderated, other than for compliance with the very few rules for posting here. The Wam forum and its staff (Moderators/Owner) are not responsible for any content, and cannot and will not become involved in any disputes or issues regarding payment and/or delivery. ‘Buyer beware’ (and seller, for that matter) is the simple rule here. For guidance, however, we offer the following advice, based on the experience of members.

Unless you know the buyer/seller, then if the transaction involves goods being sent by post or courier, it is better to use PayPal, but NOT PayPal gift, as this affords no protection. Similarly, payment by bank transfer is a benefit to the seller, but not to the buyer if there is a subsequent problem. A PayPal account linked to a credit card affords the best protection, as it may be possible to raise a dispute with the credit card provider as well as with PayPal.

Anyone asking for payment via Bitcoin is likely to be a scammer. Similarly, anyone who will ONLY accept payment via PayPal gift must be treated with extreme caution. Look at the email linked to the PayPal account. Gmail addresses and similar are free, and very difficult to trace subsequently.

If you are selling, it is better to arrange your own courier, rather than letting the buyer do so. Provided proper insurance has been arranged, this gives you a degree of protection that you may not have if the buyer arranges a courier.

As a buyer, do your homework regarding the provenance of goods offered. It is very simple to put an image into Google, and this will sometimes show if the goods are on sale elsewhere (and potentially by someone other than the person claiming to own them). Things are only ridiculously cheap for a reason. Occasionally it’s a good reason, usually it isn’t. Make whatever checks are sensible to ensure the goods are as described. Particularly, that everything works as it should. As always, if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

It’s been said many times, but if you are using post or courier, you must assume the parcel will be dropped, kicked around, thrown, etc. Package things accordingly. If it’s really delicate, then collection might be the only way to remain 100% safe.

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