Speaker conundrums - PMC v ProAc v Spendor v ATC

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The old ProAc Response 2.5- that was a great speaker that was/is.:geek:

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Update:  I got a pair of PMC Twenty 24 as that's what came up at an attractive price first.  First impressions - definitely a step up, sound staging, separation and clarity all much improved, bass maybe not much deeper but certainly tighter.  Next will be a 250/2 to replace the 180 shortly followed by a 52/Supercap.

The acquisition meant a pair of Castle Severn got the bump, it was between them and the Royds for system #2, and I'm a bit more attached to the Royds.  Close call sonically though, the Severns sounded pretty good swapped in for the 24s.  

Not sure how the amp stuff happened as all I wanted to begin with was a new pair of speakers.  :shock: 

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On 17/10/2019 at 14:31, Iceman 16 said:

I also prefer the PMC “i” series to the twenty when I audition them few yrs ago when I still own a Naim system. The OB1i sounds really good. I would also suggest some Kef R series (R3/R5/R7).

Totally agree with you, i had the i series and they were great, i had the 25.24's and TBH i much prefer my KEF R5's. PMC do like a price hike.

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