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Few days ago we listened the speakers Elac Vela 403 and 407 with Mcintosh 5300, Mastersound Box 2018 and Luxman 505 II. The cables were Vertere.

Compared to the older 40X series, the new ones were softer and sweeter in the top registers and both had more bass. In total they sounded more relaxed with tons of details and nice space.

We started with the Mc 5300 and Vela 403, but then we switched to the Mastersound. Oh, what a jump. The whole system became alive, with much better resolution, more 3d sounding, better controlled bass and cleaner voice. No question, it is a better amp. Continuing with the 407, we received a netter bass and soundstage. Then, we matched it with the Luxman 505. To my ears it sounded the best. One day I buy one. The soundstage became a bit narrower but more organized than with Mastersound, and still much better than 5300. The resolution was great, it sounded very lifelike, neutral, rounded. The piano and the voices were perfect, the sound was like in a flow. The Elacs were so transparent that we could immediately tell the differences between the amps. The systems sounded well with everything: Karen Souza, Jazz+Az, Rammstein, Nirvana, Vangelis. I wanted to see what could be my next speakers, but at the end the 505 impressed me the most. If you have a possibility, I would recommend to listen it and also the Mastersound (tube amp).

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