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Clones Audio 25irh Integrated Amplifier


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Fabulous sounding and beautifully made integrated amplifier based on the 47Labs gainclone style.





55w per channel and will drive most speakers with a very clean neutral sound.

I had particular enjoyment from both Proac 1SC and Tablette Anniverary and can imaging it being superb with Living Voice, Harbeth, Audio Note etc.

I have owned this particualy amp twice and have also had the original 25i and the 25ir - there are loads of amazing reviews of these versions on the net. This is the most powerful version he made, before he sadly stopped making amps to concentrate on mains stuff (presuambly much higher margins!!).

The pre and power sections have their own power supplies. The preamp and front display come on as soon as you switch the power on at the wall, but the power amp only comes on when you flick the green switch on the back by the IEC inlet.

In superb condition with remote. Although there a few buttons on the remote it only controls volume up and down and input change only. The other buttons have no effect as per the designers 'less is more' philosophy.


Happy to demo (I'm in Northamptonshire NN6) or can ship to anywhere in Europe. UK £12 / Europe £20.

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Wonderful little amps these!!

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All three models were bargains at their rrp’s (this one was well over a grand by the time it was shipped and through customs).

I’ve just boxed it up and it is so beautifully made with a very tactile nature and a surprising heft to it.

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