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Apologies if this has been asked before, I'm a novice with laptop audio streaming etc ,,,am just sussing out my options  and would appreciate any advice , i'm trying to go wireless.

1.Currently using a cheapo Logitech bluetooth receiver connected via RCA phono cables directly to my amp (play mostly spotify/youtube thru it, sounds very good)

2. Would i gain any more quality by using a chromecast audio (connecting via a jack to 2 phono cable directly into my amp)

3. Or as I already have a good standalone Dac, could i connect a chromecast to it and if so what cable would i need ?

MAny thanks


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Hey Michael, here is my twopennyworth

If your happy with the sound, clap your hands and save your money.

If you have a CCA then you can use a cable like this


or buy an adaptor like this and use a standard toslink


If you want to continue with just your laptop, then use Chrome and the CCA will be recgonised by Spotify and you can stream YouTube and any internet radio station through the browser.

If you want to explore the streamining side more, then I suggest starting with Logitechmediaserver on your laptop and utilise a Plugin called Chromecast Bridge you can play all day to the CCA.

If you don't have a CCA then look for a secondhand Squeezebox Touch.

No need to spend a lot of money, do some more searching, there are lots of threads on this and nearly every other audio forum.

Start cheap, work out what you really want, then look for the best option to obtain your objective.



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