FS: Living Voice OBX- RW SOLD

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Living Voice OBX-RW in Cherry, great condition.  £3,500  -  price is slashed to £2,300 while it's on eBay. 

Outboard crossovers are veneered in Cherry wood as well.

Scarcely used and only played at low levels (apartment, neighbours downstairs, kid etc.)  So I have been reduced to some occasional quiet late night with Astrud Gilberto, Coleman Hawkins & Co, don't remember when I played then loudly )).  And if that's not sad enough, the speakers can't be positioned properly in my room. 

So I simply can not justify keeping them, hence the downgrade.  Needless to say (but I will say it nevertheless), if properly installed and matched, these are top, top speakers for life.  

There are a couple of small/tiny marks, nothing serious, will send hi-res close up photos if seriously interested. 

With original packaging (crossovers' boxes are intact, speakers' boxes are stored flat). 

Will throw in 4 x 1m Kondo KSL-SPs cables (terminated) that were used between x-overs and speakers. These are currently being sold at ridiculous prices.

Inspection, if serious interest, is most welcome. Collection from Richmond, Surrey. 



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RWs are the only LVs in auditorium range I've not owned and these are an absolute bargain. One day.....

Fancy a nice audionote soro SE and AN J system in PX??? 😁

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10 hours ago, oneills said:

An absolute Bargain for some lucky person

 )) What can I say...  It's a steal 

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It's two days left on eBay, still a chance to grab an absolute bargain at £2300 starting price. 🔔🔔🔔

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How old?

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