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It's a shame that the grey rock was placed in the landscape, so a manufactured not a true landscape photo. The Russian guy also has a couple of others which have spent more time in the darkroom, than being photographed. I checked the rules and there's no mention of providing a raw image, only, that the photographers seek no help in the darkroom - who's gonna know , if there's no raw? Sadly, more and more competitions are giving prizes to cheats.  :(

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7 hours ago, Ears said:

Some beautiful images there which illustrate that whilst the primary skill of a photographer is “seeing” the picture, knowledge of how to process the file is essential to present the photograph to support the photographers’ vision. In that respect not much has changed, just that it is technically a hell of a lot easier these days although, as ever, skill and experience is necessary to know just how much processing to do.

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On 10/02/2020 at 08:18, Ears said:

Isn’t there just.

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