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3 hours ago, flaxton said:

Good afternoon. I have a pair of audioquest headphones. It needs a 3.5 Mm adaptor. I only have a gold plated one. Would an upgrade be beneficial or is the one I have sufficient. Thanks.

Good evening.

No, what you have is sufficient.

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If you have the Nighthawk the cable on a batch of originals was known to be easily prone to damage. Audioquest apparently crimped rather than soldered wires in the connectors on a production run and had a lot of failures. Audioquest were replacing cables that became  faulty under warranty with the new cable that came with the Blackhawk model which was higher quality.

My Nighthawks developed a intermittent drop out in one channel after around four months and I had the cable replaced under warranty as above. I expected this to be a nightmare as they were purchased from a eBay outlet in Germany however customer support from Audioquest was excellent and a new cable arrived in the UK just three days after making contact.

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2 hours ago, flaxton said:

Thank you.  The cable looks a bit fragile. Should I upgrade or just be careful using it.

Sorry flaxton, I was a bit hasty with an unequivocal OK.

I based it on the assumption that you had a standard one-piece, 3.5 to 6.3mm adaptor.

:doh: Hadn't realised there was any wire involved in the adaption, so ignore my advice.

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