Diane the decorator #2

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Super Wammer

@bigrod I really like the sofa and chairs! Very tasteful.

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Super Wammer

I have been married for 46 years in August - the only NO in respect of hifi from her indoors was Electrostatics .. she is not wrong as without a dedicated listening room or a lounge of small ballroom size the need for clear space behind them makes them a no no .. 

In the 70s she concluded that if it looked awful it was likely to sound great .. 

She chose the bloody great monoliths of loudspeakers we have now (Art Impressions) and when I think I hear a difference i get her to listen (she is never wrong) 

I am waiting for her to come up with a solution of how we get the spare Decca posted to John Wright for a rebuild (registered post) .. when i get that done I will tell you how it compares with the one rebuilt by Expert Pickups - of course there will always be slight differences as the cartridges are hand made so are unlikely to be identical ... 

The only problem with having two kids still living with us working from home - is finding some listening time (I seem to be spending a lot of the time using headphones).

Stay safe you lot and keep smiling .. if you are tempted to tinker with your hifi be careful - idle times and tinkering can end in disaster (broken styluses etc)

Oh the good news today - I went out and fired up the gas BBQ (now 15 years old) and clean it ready for the coming warm weather - and it fired up first time and is now sparkling clean ready to go .. 

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Super Wammer
On 04/04/2020 at 15:04, mr neds said:

Looks a bit hotel for me. Hard floor and a central mirror? Can’t imagine that sounding too good 😕

Just sat down with a wine  just had the police here..but thats another story of the epidemic.......i have been listening critically to music for the best part of 50 yrs...Music nirvana is whatever we think it is..I have listened to hundreds of bits of kit in many rooms..but on one hand I can count the ones that made my hair stand up. 2 of them where stupid money....

But the one I remember the most was my late uncles..Rega/SME /Pickering..quad 34 /405. Tannoy Mayfair.. Brand new...The bits where handbuilt into handcrafted shelves which also housed his very critical record collection.....not a big room...theTannoys stood in a rectangle bay half wall/glass ..dead opposite was an aquarium built into the wall that wouldn't look out of place at the Deep in was built into the was unreal..and 2 parker knoll leather recliners...the amp also drove a pair of mordaunt short.pagaent II in the dining room..

It was always a pleasure to be there...our history and upbringing does determine what we like..for me the swing era., big dance bands, great vocals, brass section ,great storytelling..Frank Sinatra at his best...This space covers all the bases with aplomb ..but more than that ,I would like my uncle to be proud I did listen to him.. He had a nice but mediocre kit..but the space and people made it...

Diane has now changed the wicker table to the McMaster glass coffee table I brought her a couple of years ago...And still lovely music..The Kara's just have the lower mids to perfection..Just need the power amp and streamer installed to drop the bottom out of the speakers..

There would never be a point of Diane having a tattoo..she'd change her mind a month later lol.

On a funnier note...I was always intrigued that the fish in the aquarium swam at less than vertical at midday..the only light into the tank was the bay them that was the surface.. 

Kindest regards Julian 


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My Oracle Delphi was regarded as functional art by all who saw it,

with apologies to my ex wife, it was easily the best looking thing in the house,

as a bonus it happened to sound pretty good too!

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