Spotify Connect misidentifies Podcasts so they will not play back on some equipment

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I recently came across this issue, Using my Yamaha Network receiver's Spotify Connect it would not play a BBC podcast via the Yamaha, it would play via Chromecast though. 

(I had never previously played podcasts via Spotify)

I initially blamed various changes I had made, new router, additional switches, a temporary break in my Spotify subscription, and spent some considerable time rebooting equipment, reinstalling apps and power cycling equipment. To no avail. 

It did not occur to me to play anything else at the time because I had made a lot of changes.

I slept on it, and in the morning played some music and it was fine, tried the podcast, again but no joy. 

I did an internet search on that basis and found it to be a known issue, Spotify for some reason classify podcasts (or at least some podcasts) as mixed media, so they will not play on some audio equipment. This has been reported to Spotify but failed to reach the threshold number of votes for them to do something about it.

So, any Spotify users out there could you please have a look at this link


and upvote the issue please to help out this Yamaha user?



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Working for me this a.m.

Squeezebox Touch via Airplay from an iPhone 6s

Might be a software problem with the Yamaha ?


back after lunch

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It does seem to be a recognised categorisation issue with Spotify though it doesn't affect all equipment, for example I can use the Chromecast. Hence the request page for Spotify which needs more votes otherwise they won't do anything 


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