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Beyer DT531 advice, please!

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Evening all :).

Now that my OH is working from home, my lovely quiet afternoons at home when I can listen to my music with the neighbours out are gone :(. So for my sanity I need to find a solution for which headphones seems the only sensible option. I have a pair of the above headphones which have lain dormant for many years, partly as they are broken! They need some new foam over the drivers, the strap that sits on the head has seen better days and one of the clamps for the strap has snapped. I think that part can be glued, the foam should be obtainable and then either the strap repaired or replaced. But, having just tried them, I'm not sure I like the sound. It's pretty good but, I can't describe exactly why but it just isn't right. Maybe it's because I'm just not used to headphones. So I'm looking for some advice, is it worth persevering with them and getting them fixed? The other issue is the cable is way to short so either an extension is required or I'll need to solder in some new cables. So, more work, are they worth it?? How much would I need to spend to get something better and what would they be? My system is mostly 90s and early 2000s Linn.

Thanks very much in advance for all the excellent hints and tips that I know all you lovely wammers will shortly be imparting :)

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If you don’t like the sound much is there any point? There are some great headphones in the £150-£300 price bracket, only issue now is getting a demo so you will be buying blind.

i had some 531 years ago and they too broke, I can’t actually remember much about their sound quality but I quite liked them at the time, I now use beyer dt-880 that i really like, very comfortable and good for long periods of listening as they are not all boom/tizz and forward like some cheaper headphones.

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Thanks MrSmith, yes buying blind is not ideal! I can get the parts quite cheap so if the broken part glues back okay I'll get the strap and foams and see how I get on with them. Oh, and a long extension lead!

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Hi, I am new to this forum and was interested in resurrecting my old DT531's as well.  Parts are rather expensive and hard to come by at that here in Canada.  (Have to iimport through the US distributor at a premium).  I have lost a driver but otherwise they are okay?  Do you mind if I ask where you are able to get reasonably priced parts?  I love these old things and have always thought they were special.



Fredericton, NB


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Hi JoJoe! I was looking at Beyer's own website but it doesn't look like they post to Canada. Might be worth looking on auction sites to see if someone is selling a broken set that you could scavenge parts from. Such as shame as I ended up buying a new pair and through out the remains of my old ones, I'd have been more than happy to send them to you.

I can't take any credit for the drawing, it's by an artist called Mark Gertler dating from 1913 of fellow artist Dora Carrington.

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Try Thomann.de. They have spare headbands and EDT990V ear muffs I imagine

I am surprised Beyer won´t send to Canada.

I use DT531s with a Creek OBH21SE and don´t envisage changing them. Just some new velvet ear muffs when and if. I doubt there is a more comfortable pair of phones anywhere.

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