Hifi in Room Above a New Build Garage? SQ? In the Eves?

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Nothing wrong with planning for the future :). Arguably a good thing to help people through this actually.

On a serious point, anyone who is doing nothing about thinking about the current crisis is doing themselves no favours. It's not easy but I'd encourage everyone to do what they can to have large chunks of time where they switch off from this by doing things that distract them / they enjoy. 

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Planning an extension first, then a 3-4 car garage perhaps a year or so later than the main extension. Have to plan it all together though.

I don't really want to go down a rabbit hole about it being the wrong time. If we follow that logic through we should all sell our systems and donate the funds to a good cause O.o

I have self employed architect and structural engineer on this, want to keep going with the planning & this is for the future. Design at the moment is as pictured.

Starting to wonder if it's better to have my main system in the house and perhaps something fun in the garage.


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You would need to raise the height of the garage significantly in order to get a usable space in the attic both for head height and probably acoustically. I liked the idea earlier in the thread of creating a 4 bay sized building but having two of the bays open to the eves as a music room leaving the other two bays for cars with attic storage space. This would fit with the height of structure currently in your plans. Depends on how many spaces you actually need for vehicles though.

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Super Wammer

Funny how our phones track everything that we do. Unprompted by me you YouTube feed came up with a video of a comment that I made about your situation. I never sign in to YouTube and have history disabled. 

That’s why I don’t have a memory foam mattress so that it can’t blackmail me!

on a serious note if you did the loft space in this shape then it should be ok for listening to music. 


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