Your hifi history part 1 - speakers

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Inspired by Jerry, of course - what is your speaker history, and what did you think of them (in 1-2 sentences each, say)


  • Mission 70 (hard, shouty but kinda fun for rock)
  • KEF C40 (more balanced but too soft and imprecise)
  • Snell Type J/II (do enough things right that I could live with them for ever)
  • Dynaudio no model, DIY with expensive drivers (bored me to tears)
  • Ruark Equinoxe (pleasingly authoritative but lacking va-va-voom)
  • Snell Type E/III (why did I buy IIIs not IIs? Great anyway)
  • Living Voice Auditorium IIs (same comment as the Snell Js)
  • Heybrook Sextets (ohh, that midband)
  • Living Voice OBX-R2s (better midband than the Heybrooks!)
  • Lowther PM6As in Big Fun Horns (faster than the Stig on amphetamines)

Gosh, never thought it would be double figures!

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Linn Keilidhs.

that's it. bought them in passive guise and then upgraded to full active. I luv 'em. Thay aren't the last word in accuracy or detail but I don't care, they do what I want.

I had a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 speaks in my 2nd system which impressed me a lot for the very small outlay (£60 newfrom Lintone audio).

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Here's mine -

  • Mission 760iSE (my 1st speakers and i loved em. superb imaging but no bass)
  • Mission 733 (better bass than the 760ise and good fun but quite rough and lacking refinement)
  • Rogers LS7t (nice relaxed sound with a lovely midband. too laid back though)
  • Dynaudio Contour 1.3mkII (I liked these a lot but wanted more deep bass)
  • Dynaudio Contour 1.8mkII (:cool::Dthats it)

Next - something like the Dyn's buteasier to drive, more open and better at low volumes. A familiar story for Dyn owner's I think.

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- The ones that came with the Denon DM30: boxy, boxy, boxy! With a sub.. :td:

- Quad 11L: serves me right for reading WTF? Shiny veneer, shiny sound.

- Mordaunt-Short MS10: better than the Quads; still got 'em. My first s/h bargin. :D

- Dynaudio Audience 52: that's more like it - aproper Hi-Fi speaker!

- Dynaudio Audience 52SE: better all round than the standard 52

- Tannoy Autograph Mini: lovley. Replaced the MS10's in system 2; still got 'em

- Dynaudio Contour 1.8 MkII: my longest-lived speaker. Like the 52SE but more bass. [plug]Now for sale! [/plug]

- Tannoy Turnberry HE: just settling in! :love:

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Oh dear ! :oops: *

Wharfedale diamond 3 - Superb fun at the cost of a pint.

Wharfedale diamond 8.1 - boring flat sounding fart boxes.

Wharfedale diamond 8.3 - same boring presentation but with some bass boom.

Wharfedale linton 3XP - I'd rather listen to an ipod these sound like they look.

Kef cresta 10 - O.K budget speakers.

Denon SC-M51 - Actually quite listenable - a bargain for £50

Celestion ditton 15 - Boxy coloured & harsh with no treble - sold them for £1.20.

Acoustic energy Aego M- Good value, ideal pc speakers.

Mordaunt-Short ms-914 - bright & shouty , couldn't get rid of them quick enough.

Mordaunt-Short ms-206 - good all rounder.

Mordaunt-Short ms814 - fantastic sound , shame about the flakey build quality.

Mordaunt-Short ms30i - Nothing amazing but i have heard much worse.

Technics horn loaded 70's monsters - boom & tizz but bloody god fun !

Art stiletto 6 - Good speakers but waaaay overpriced new.

Rogers LS3/5A - sexual midrange clarity , i miss these big time :(

Rogers ls6 - Initially impressed but i found myself dozing off alot.

Eltax Symphony 6 - Budget crap.

Eltax Monitor - As above - glutton for puishment me.

Quad 12L - Lovely finish but i wouldn't accept them as a gift they sound so bad.

Monitor Audio B1 - fine for high quality micro systems, polite sounding with good treble.

Monitor Audio Monitor Gold 2 - Nice little speakers with a big sound.

Sony APM-20ES - Really rather good, super dynamics make for an exciting listen.

There must be more but i cant remember them all......I'm a such a slag :rude:

*Not in Correct order of ownership.

**Edited to add a few.

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-Celestion 3 (warm and cuddly but rough tweeter Fun though)

-Avi Neutron IV (warts and all presentations but bloody fun)

-Naim Allae (Boogie Woogie FUN FUN FUN sod the HiFi discription)


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Starting back in the 70's

Some full range eliptical speakers from Dixons,can't remember brand

Ditton ABR bookshelfs can't remember model

MS Pageant 11s

Rodgers LS7T

Snell K's and J2's

Impulse 5's then 2's

Amphion Zenons which will remain in situ for some time yet.

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Starting back in 1978 (at the tender age of 13) up to the present...

Celestion Ditton 15 - fab

Castle Kendal - OK

Mission 70 Mk2 - fab

Monitor Audio R352 - awful

Mission 737 - double-awful

JPW P1 - brilliant

Boston A40 - ditto

Tannoy Mercury - dreadful; bass heavy, slow

BLQ Q1 - wonderful wee things, shouldn't have sold them

Mission 760 - great fun, shouldn't have sold these either

ProAc Super Tablette - kept these for 11 years (nuff said)

ProAc Tablette 50 Sig - kept these for a week (nuff said)

Linn Kan Mk1 - brilliant and dreadful in a 90/10 split

Castle Howard (still got)

Quad 21L - surprisingly good, need a big amp to sing

Audio Note AX2 - articulate, although a tad bright/harsh

JPW Mini Monitor (still got) - stupidly good for the money (ditto all JPW stuff)

Royd Merlin (still got) - can't see me ever selling these. Possibly the most nimble, musically articulate speaker I've heard at home. Beats many at several times their price, making many of them sound plain wrong. Wonderful.

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Heres a list of what I can remember. There has been more along the way. Here goes

  • Mission 760iSEmy first decent set of speakers fromback in the day.
  • Mission 751 Freedom - Excellent little standmount and still a good buy a todays 2nd prices.
  • Mission 752 Freedom - Very nice floorstander, good finish, looks and sound.
  • Definitive BP8 - Can't remember much about em. :?
  • Castle Harlech -Nice finish but dull sound. :zzzz:
  • Castle Avon - Lovely little floorstander.
  • Kef Ref 1.2 - I wanted to like them more than I actually did. Not bad though
  • B&W CDM1SE - I am a big fan of the CDM standmounts - Nice
  • B&W CDM1NT - As above
  • B&W Nautilus 805 - Liked the CDMs so took the plunge. More than happy. An excellent all rounder. I love 'em.
  • Zingali Prelude One - Beautifully made, wonderfully smooth sound.
  • Dynaudio Audience 60 - Surprisingly articulate floorstander. Nice top end and tight bass. Liked em a lot for the money.
  • Ruark Prelude - Lovely finish. Nice but wanted more detail.
  • Totem Arros - Amazing sound from such a small box but just did not gel with my system.
  • Proac Tablette 2000 - Not overly impressed
  • Proac Studio 125 - Big sound, big bass but lacking control
  • Proac Response D15 - One of my favorite sub £2k floorstanders. Superb.
  • Proac Response 2.5 - Stunning.
  • Proac D25s - Great presence & soundstage. Need careful partnering.
  • Audio Physic Tempo IV - My first APs. Wonderful. Superb imaging, exquisite top end and gorgeous looks.

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I tend to live with speakers for years on end so in thinking of this, I was very happy to see that I'd not had 100's of different pairs, I'dselected wisely and lived with them for years!

Wharfedale Diamonds (forget which ones but werenew around 1990, great little speaker)

JPW Sonata (infinite baffle and a bit of an experiment at the time, blew the tweeters on these got knows how many times)

Mordaunt Short MS25i Pearl (great little bookshelf and well made)

Wharfedale Valdus 500 (huge, verycheap and relativelysensitive floorstanding speaker, loads of fun, used with my DJ set-up at the time I stillhad my SL1210's. Went very loud, my next door neighbour hated me, hence they were eventually sold)

Monitor Audio Silver 5i (good friend of mine still has these, not bad for the money. The cat slashed one half of the drivers on these to bits, was not happy about forking out for replacement drivers).

Audio Physic Virgo 2 (speak for themselves, legendary)

Art Emotion (I plan for these to be my final speakers, the dogs bollox)

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Ok as far as my memory serves me :-

Genesis Mk3 - thought they were my first serious speakers, they weren't !!

Tannoy Mercury Mk 1 - great dynamic little speaker, bags of fun

Rogers LS6 - well everyone has to do the Rogers thing once in their life, right ?

Snell Type J - Excellent speaker, so good I've toyed with Audionote J's every year since.

Impulse H2 - they sounded sooo good on dem, never so good at home. So so build quality

Apogee Stages - awesome midrange never could afford to drive them properly

Sonus Faber Minima Amator - Nice little speaker used during my little room phase

Martin Logan Aerius - I still ask myself why ??

Avantgarde Unos - Amazing speaker I just never quite got over the discontinuity between the horns and dynamic bass, no matter how many adjustments I made.

Hyperion HPS-938 - Really nice speaker. Had to go as the wife thought they looked like coffins.

Acoustic Zen Adagios - Really nice transmission line model. Needs more driving than you'd think IME.

Zu Definition 2 - Current speaker, perfect for my returning love of low powered valve amps

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Mission 782 (standmount - bland and dull with no bass)

Mission 752 (as above)

Red Rose Spirit (cracking, tight and fast, pinpoint imaging, good bass for cabinet size)

Ruark Equinox (nice, smooth and punchy)

Ruark Solstice (massive - as above just more of it - far too big for my room)

Living Voice Avatar (lovely, smooth and refined)

PMC FB1 (hated them at first, very different from the Avatars, but I grew to quite like them.

Living Voice Auditoriums (nice, laid back and easy to listen too).

B&W 705 (bland)

Red Rose Rosebud 2 (nice, but not heaps better than the Spirit, just a fancier cabinet)

Revel M22 (awesome, fast, tight, dynamic, good bass, one of the best for rock - and a great bargain these days)

Naim Allaes (not as bad as many say)

Totem Arros (very nice, transparent, detailed and nimble)

Totem Mites (tiny but very decent)

Aurum Cantus Leisure 2SE (A slower smoother version of the Red Rose Rosebud - lacked the magic of that one though).

Red Rose R3 (the original 'pukka' Red Rose speaker which cost a fortune for a proper reason - before they were all made in China and rebadged. Quick, transparent, smooth, punchy (Dynaudio bass driver), I love em. Work well in my tiny listening room and at low volumes. One of the tweeters (which are fully exposed and seem to consist of a creased up KitKat foil wrapper:shock:) gets a bit flustered (overloaded?) with some recordings.

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Wharfedale Diamond II - Fun little standmount, bought 'em for £20.

KEF C55 -Big standmount with Uni Q driver, surprisingly good.

Royd Abbott - Lovely mids, good lows, slightly ragged tweeter. Awful finish/build.

B&W CDM9NT - Very underrated, great mid driver.Nautilus 804 on a budget.

Wilson Benesch ARC - Awesome punchy bass, awesome build, I loved 'em.

Acoustic Zen Adagio - Tonally good, nice build, sadly too much bassfor my room.

Living Voice OBX-R2 - Tonally excellent, midrange to die for, smooth highs, good lows. The LVsmake sweet music - without sounding hi-fi. I'll be keeping these for years! Will get some nice tubes to get the best out of 'em.

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