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Your hifi history part 1 - speakers

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Kenwood bow front speakers 70s

B&W DM3 

Rogers Ls6

Rogers Ls7t

Linn Keilidh Aktive

Linn Accurate 242 Aktive 

B&W 802d

Kef Reference (Model?)

Martin Logan (model?)

ESi 3 Active monitor

Tannoy Sterling TW

Tannoy Cheviot 

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Well the actives were built and I love them, probably the biggest upgrade I have ever had to the overall SQ. The Concerto's have returned and are in the shed, awaiting some new cabinets, and a ch

Just hope it isn't: Bose SoundLink - Mingin'

God where do i start... Goodmans Marconiphone speakers- 2x 5" paper cones with foam surrounds, cone tweeters..lovely warm sound, not a lot of detail, good bass. Had to get rid of them due to foams e

Wharfedale  E20 1979

Wharfedale Delta 70 1985

Tannoy Mercury M2 1987

Proac Response 2 1992

B&W P6 1997

Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor 2003

Marten Duke 2 2020

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Rogers LS4a

Snell K

Snell K2

Impulse H6

tried and sold or borrowed not in any order

Snell E

Snell J

Tannoy DC2000

Horning Aristotles

Proac Tablette

Art Skibo

Audio Physic Tempo

Amphion Xenons

Nola Boxers

Magneplanar 1.7

Impulse H2

There will be others that I cannot recall.  

The H6 has remained in the house, consigned to the loft occasionally and brought back down when the "new king" was found to be lacklustre in some department or other.  

The H6 however aren't really Impulse anymore.  The original casework is reclad, the veneer is changed, the crossover changed, the drivers changed, internal wiring changed even the speaker covers are altered.  They don't even sit on 4 corner spikes anymore, but a tripod of stainless steel feet.

Regularly though at this time of year I wonder if I can get something a bit more open, a bit smoother, a bit bigger bass, better soundstage, and the list above should tell me new speakers will be different but not necessarily better, to my ears in my room with my music and the other components staying the same.

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Quad 11L


ProAc Response 1SC - on super heavy lead filled B&W FS700 stands

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My first were some Goodman's X45 if they ever really existed. They were bought from a club book and i liked them at the time.

Next was some Jamo, not HiFi but fun as i was a teenager

They were replaced by JBL LX44 Really liked them.

I replaced them with Castle Avon's. I really did like them, they sounded excellent with what every i played on them.

My next pair came after a HiFi upgrade and they were Proac studio 100. Excellent speakers for stand mounts.

Proac D30R followed, really excellent speakers. 

Next a pair of PMC PB1, Wow these were fabulous speakers. And boy they play loud with no stress at all.

I now have a pair of Wilmslow Encore which were DIY speakers. 

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B&W 603s2


Dynaudio Contour 1.3mk2

Dynaudio Contour 1.1

Dynaudio Contour 1.8mk2

Monitor Audio GR60

Totem Arro

Leema Xone

Proac Response 1SC

B&W 805S

Yamaha NS1000M

Usher Be-718

Harbeth P3ESR 

kef LS50 Meta 

ProAc Tablette 10 Signature 

Had some of these for years - 1.3’s for over a decade - some not so long. Best all-rounders were the Yamaha... Amazing speakers. Where are those big red beauties now I wonder? 

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On 01/07/2013 at 12:58, dougal74 said:

Is it bad that I have only ever owned 3 pairs of speakers and that (currently) I still do?

Mordaunt Short MS25Ti - bought when I was 14 in the 80s and sat on Linn Kan style stands. I love them and probably always will!


Eltax Liberty 5+ bought as part of a surround set up and kept them even after switching to a soundbar recently. They have now been usurped by Musical Technology Kestrels - beautiful looking and sounding things


Now onto my 4th pair as I approach my 50s! Wharfedale Evo 4.4 - amazing depth and soundstage. Probably too big for the room but I don't care...

...just need to upgrade my 2250 Dynamik to drive them cleanly.

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Tannoy 631SE

Kef Q35

Wilson Benesch Orator

Wilson Benesch Act One

<all hifi sold off to keep a house in relationship breakdown>

B&W 601 S2

Celestion A1

Wilson Benesch Orator

Wilson Benesch A.C.T.

+added 2nd 'bedroom' system using JBL LSR305 Mk2 (active speakers)

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Goodmans Minister

KEF Chorale

B&W DM4(still have)

Mission 770

Linn Kan


Apogee Slant 6

Manger 3

MBL 121

Castle Durham(for sale)

Totem Arro(for sale)

Ascend Sierra 2(for sale)

Magnepan !.7(still have)

Verity Parsifal Encore(for sale)

Avalon Idea(due in next few weeks)

and a few others to be added when I can remember

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Ruark talisman 2

Kef concerto

Kef 104/2

Kef 105/4

Kef 105

Kef model 4

Martin Logan ( can’t remember model )

Klipsch ( huge but can’t remember model)

Yamaha ns1000m ( x 3 )

Kef reference 103

Dynaudio ( one offs ) special commission

Rogers jr149

Rega ela ( great speakers )

B&w P6

Sonus faber concertinos

Radford monitors ( very good )

Magnepan smga’s

Electrocompaniet cubes

Tannoy srm12x

Pmc fb1

Spendor ( can’t remember model )

Tannoy 3lz

There were more.

Current speakers ...

Gale gs401a

Kef reference 107/2

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AR 18s

Rogers LS7

Epos ES 22


ATC SCM 150 ASLT (special build w/ discrete Anniversary amp packs)

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