FS: Dartzeel NHB - 108 Clone Power Amp

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Hi all

I have this Chinese made Dartzeel clone amplifier for sale. It’s in as new condition.

Imported last year from Queensway and I have been very impressed by the sound. Been boxed up a few months but been testing it out recently and sounds excellent.

Its more transparent and engaging than my Yamaha AS -3000 in fact - but i prefer one box amps so looking to move on.

This amp is built to a very high spec and would be more than £1600 shipping and import duties. Still with 2 months warranty.

Please note there is very low hum from the huge transformers when switched on akin to a valve amp, but its only audible when you put your ears close to the amp. It functions perfectly as it should but needs a good preamp.

Comes with double boxes for very secure shipping.

Looking for £1100.

Technical specs.

Input channel: RCA or XLR (freely switch)

Input Impedance: 100K ohms

DC offset: +- 50Mv

Line Gain: +26dB

THD+N: -100dB@no load; -60dB @ 8 ohms

CrossTalk: - 125 dB

SNR: 115dB

Freq. Response: +- 0.014dB @20Hz ~ 20 KHz

Max. RMS Power: 140W @8 ohms, 250W @4 ohms

Size (WxDxH): 440x330x160 (mm)

Weight: 25 KG








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Super Wammer

Does look impressive... I’m sure the Swiss boys hate that the Chinese are cloning their amps.. wonder how it sounds up against the real thing. 


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