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Jokes, old or new (again!!!!)

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A Rabbi and a Priest are sitting together on a bus. After a bit, the Priest turned to the Rabbi and asked: "Is it still a requirement of your faith that you not eat pork?”  The Rabbi responded: "Yes

I have just started a business making prayer mats combined with a trampoline.  Prophets are going through the roof

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Latin ... Julius Caesar ... stays silent for 10 min, then nudges the guy next to him "'Ere, what's he on about?". "I don't know" says the other chap "He hasn't got to the verb yet"

Truly wonderful, sentences with verb endings, are.See the source image

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I went shopping for a camouflage jacket at the weekend.

I couldn’t see one anywhere.

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A van carrying convicts collided with a concrete pumping lorry on the A45 earlier today.

The Coventry police are looking for hardened criminals.

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