Sony Playstation 3 Hardly Used - purchased just for ripping SACD's

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Apologies! I'm changing the ad as I cocked up - this is far more of a bargain than I thought (brain doesn't work). The only thing not added to is the price :) This thing is actually a Playstation 3 set up to save your SACD's Odd and please remove if you want Mods. I don't think it breaks any rules though as I've checked before.

This Sony PS3 has been kept away from the internet in order to keep it at Firmware 3.55

The reason? I still have a large collection of SACD's and I wanted to listen to them on my portable when travelling.

The PS3 with that firmware was the only device that enabled me to do that. I still have the SACD's but I cannot travel with them and the player is a domestic one.

As I had forgotten the model, it also acts as an SACD player, a BluRay Player, DVD and DVD Audio (which I never copied but sill have a few) as well as all the other disc formats. Comes complete with controller of course and 4 PS3 games. So it's a steal if you want something to keep you entertained over the lockdown.

This player's ability to swap where I keep my SACD's means I get to listen so much more. It also archives my SACD's as actual players (like this) become rarer and rarer. 

I've seen these selling for £300 or more. That's daft but they do sell as they hardly ever come up.

I'd let mine go for £150 to a Wammer with everything. It depends how many SACD's you have. I have about 25 including some really rare ones like Wish You Were Here. For me it was a no brainer.

It's not breaking copyright as you are already the owner of the music. It is like using a Cassette deck like I used to in the old days!

Anyway, if it's of interest to you, and you have a large enough collection, then ping me a PM


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When you rip the sacd does it put media onto hard drive? 

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