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NFL 2020-2021

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Correct hylander - no London games this coming season.

However, the good news is that next season is due to start September 10th as planned.

One or two will be interested in post draft betting moves. (As a punter I have to monitor where the dollars are going, partly because the weight of money indicates how well the draft went for each team and how well preparations are going. Less to report re the latter due to the lockdown.)

There has been money for the Vikings - down from 46 to 28. Tampa Bay are shorter because of the Brady transfer. At the head of the market the Ravens are vying for favouritism with the holders, Kansas City, having had a reasonable draft. Many judges thought the Ravens were the strongest team heading into the play offs last year and their impressive QB will be charging out of the blocks to make an early impression. Jackson, last season's MVP, might be worth the Skysports subscription on his own! The Cards have dropped from 65 to 48 after some smart draft trading (inc. swapping their second round pick for Deandre Hopkins, who will be the number 1 target at WR for rising star Kyler Murray (QB)). Simmons, their number 8 pick, gives them options in the defence. Dallas, too, did well in the draft and they have their supporters.


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Where (OK Buffalo) and when John?


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