Stack Audio Link Software Problems

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I am late in on this so apologies but the Stack Audio Link is RPi compute module based so any Pi based software should work on it. There is a lot to choose from. I considered one of these a while back and had pretty much decided I would have put something else on it. From a build point of view these are pretty much unparalleled and if they can get the software up to a similar standard they will have quite a product.

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Super Wammer
23 hours ago, Jester 7 said:

As an owner of this excellent streamer, I spoke to Stack Audio about this software issue.  Apparently the problem lies with Volumio, who have a recent issue with their software update server for the LINK.

Hence Stack Audio have changed to another software platform and have nearly finished developing new firmware, which improves the audio performance to a higher level on the existing hardware.

Until the new software is released quite soon, Bubble UPNP control software works fine for a one off purchase fee of £3.69  I understand the independent Bubble upnp software is used by thousands of audiophiles to control their streamers and is fairly stable.

I hope this news helps those out there who are experiencing problems.

I will update this thread, when Stack Audio releases their new Firmware update. 

It will be interesting to see what the new Stack firmware will be like, although I'm pretty happy with the software side of the device since I got MoOde running on it.

I agree with you that Bubble UPnP is really good. I've been using it on a Chromebook to control my KEF LS50 wireless based system. I want to use it in conjunction with the Qobuz app to send music to the system with the Link too. You can set the output of an app like Qobuz or TuneIn radio to use Bubble UPnP as an output which then gets sent to the renderer Bubble UPnP is pointing at. I've just ordered an iPad Mini sized Lenovo Android table to be pretty much dedicated to using Bubble UPnP with both the LS50W and the Link driven Klipsch speaker systems I've got.

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