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Nuraloop earphones on their way, at last!

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Today, I received an update re. delivery of earphones pre-ordered on 19th May 2019.

It looks like they may arrive within a few days, so just under a year after ordering.  I wonder if this is some sort of record for waiting for an item to be delivered.

Nura have sent out regular progress updates during this period but I did think I was going to have to write the money off.

Link to their website fyi


Hopefully they are as good as the Nuraphone's and I can use them when travelling as they are much smaller and lighter.

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I don't follow it but I believe there is a long thread on PFM about a certain dac that people have been waiting a lot longer than a year to get...

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Glad I didn't get involved in ordering that DAC and I think I know the one you mean. Last time I looked at that thread folks were getting annoyed with the lack of communication. In my case Nura were very good in that respect.

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At long last they have arrived, several days short of a year from when I placed my pre-order.

Earphones, charging cable and analogue cable, plus different size ear tips all attractively boxed and it was almost a shame to spoil the presentation by removing said items.  Having waited so long to try them out I soon got over that thought and started setting them up.  To do this requires the use of an App to personalise the sound.  Now this is where it got a little frustrating.

After several attempts it failed to complete the process and I was a little disappointed, to say the least.  Then things got worse as it was then not possible to connect the phones, via Bluetooth,  to the App!  So, a little bit of googling and hunting around on the Nura web site I discovered there was a problem with the App, preventing some Android users from being able to connect to Nura devices.  There was a notice that they would be releasing a new version at 3.00am Australian Eastern Time. So some poor developer(s) were working long hours to get the problem resolved.  Eventually I was able to get a copy of the new version of the App and complete the setting up.

Now, six hours after they were delivered I am able to listen some music and Gregory Porter is now helping me to calm down.  First impressions are very positive.

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