FS: Sonore microRendu with 7v Linear PSU

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Selling my MicroRendu as now stream direct to my Gato.

Bought this in March as a significant upgrade to my RPi at the time which it certainly is. I upgraded to the 7v Linear PSU as recommended by Audiostore.

Comes with latest V2.8 software preinstalled on included Micro SD card so literally is plug and play.

Ethernet input with optimised USB connection offers the best sound quality from your DAC. Developed in collaboration between Sonore, Small Green Computer and John Swenson it comprises a custom proprietary audiophile circuit containing only essential components. 

microRendu been designed to incorporate all that is important to USB Audio. The microRendu is easy to configure and can accept audio streams from many digital sources.  There is signal conditioning, signal isolation, and EMI suppression at the input of the microRendu 

Often music servers are manufactured from low-cost mass produced components intended for regular computers but microRendu is a purpose-built audiophile device. microRendu has been specifically developed to play USB audio perfectly. Low jitter oscillators, one for the CPU and another for the inbuilt USB hub generate a completely new USB data signal to feed your DAC. The USB subsystem takes three supplies, all fed by ultra low noise regulators.

Combine the microRendu with the optional audiophile grade linear power supply for the lowest possible noise floor. 

Sonore DLNA Bridge APP allows Roon output to DLNA streamers (NAIM etc), Spotify Connect and Songcast playback. Native DSD support now for selected DACs, now work as a network output for Audirvana.

I went from this into my Pro-Ject S2 Digital DAC (which I'll also soon be selling) for an all round awesome streaming (MQA) system.

Looking for £430 posted to UK mainland addresses only.


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Now sold. Mods - please move accordingly.

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