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13 hours ago, MF 1000 said:

When I was first introduced into hifi in the early 1980's a guy in the office had a Planar 2, Quad II monoblocks and Rogers LS BBC monitors.....wired with 13amp mains flex 

.......and it sounded sh!t :D

I'm only joking of course. I reckon quite a bit of mains flex was used at that time - the first decent hi-fi I heard was probably using it too.

In fact, who hasn't tried some type of mains cable?

Anyone still using it?

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Posted (edited)

I used to use Quad core Linear Crystal speaker cable, it looked like I had hooked up some welding cable and was very bad on the Amp posts (in danger of pulling them out). Still got the cables lying around some where here- stopped using them many years ago- too many damaged binding posts. No I wasn't bi-amping either just doubled the quad cores into 2 connectors :D 


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Super Wammer

My first cable in the late 80s was 1.5 T&E, after about year I became convinced I should use 'proper' speaker cable for my new, bi-wireable Arcam Alpha IIs so bought a pair of monster cable XL & a pair of xs (the XL, was about 4mm² & XS around 2mm²).

I'm not sure there was really much difference, other than it looked nicer and was easier to route. 

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