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43 Step Attenuator Khozma or similar 10K


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Just asking in case anyone has something lying in a box or on a shelf that they meant to get to use but is never going to happen . I have currently a 23 step unit in my homemade passive which is powering my main system in to a Croft 4S . The Krell KSA50 never really got on with passive pre,s and they seemed to not have enough drive to make it work .

The Croft on the other hand seems to love a passive pre . I started out with an NVA 20 which is just a simple pot similar to Alps but probably not as good . This sounded very good when I put it in the system yesterday and gave a very natural clean sound .

However I knew the homemade unit with the stepped unit would be better and sure enough replacing the NVA today has confirmed that it sounds even better with real aire around instruments and voices letting the Quads deliver just that bit better image . Not a major issue but finding that 23 steps is a little cramped and would like a little more ability to focus the volume were I want it and then use the remote on the MiniDSP DDRC22 D to change for different recording levels from my seat .

So if you have anything used or not let me know .

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