[FS] Denon PMA 2000 IVR Champagne monster integrated, MINT

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Selling this beauty mentioned in title. Mine is a beautiful champagne color version with matching champagne color remote control. Beautiful unmarked face plate and knobs. Just like new.

Well it looks vintage, but it isn't so old. It was released in 2007 or so. This was the last and refined version of this classic look Denon top amplifier. They changed the look and color of the following successors and newer models.

Built for the highest possible standard for the price. 

24 kilos, 2 pieces of large transformers, gigantic puffer capacitors, etc.

Has very very good MM/MC onboard phono-stage  and top quality headphones output. The MC loading impedance is factory set to 100 Ohm but will have enough gain to make cartridges sing with lower recommended loading impedance. Two pairs of speaker binding posts (very handy when you have two sub woofers, like I do).

Please see internal pictures, details and specifications on internet. Few people/owners on internet measured the power output of this amplifier and they all saying that "it is capable delivering much more than the official data sheet says".

EDIT: I forgot to mention, it has all the official warranty seals around the chassis, so they prove the amp was not opened/repaired ever. 

I do not have original box, so this sale is PICK UP ONLY. At least I can demonstrate and prove everything works.

Price is 849 GBP 

Location: Nottingham, Beeston (very close to A52 junction, so you do not have to drive in the city)

denon pma 2000 harom.jpg

denon pma 2000 ot.jpg

denon pma 2000 negy.jpg

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Bugger,  lockdown go away I could pop down and drool over that ....

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This thing is built like a tank and has a very conservative 80 watts per side, it has been measured many times and actually outputs around 110 watts per side at 8 ohm

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Bloody hell :x

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Let's have a weekend bump.

I have managed to get a suitable box for postage/courier, however I would like to sell someone with the "collect in person" option if possible. I will consider reasonable offers for sure.

I am able to deliver in 30 miles range for petrol cost to serious buyer.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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