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Bubble DS and Kazoo deliver different image qualities for album art when loaded from Quobuz

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I noticed the poorer image quality of the album art in the "Now Playing" view of Kazoo ( in contrast to Bubble DS, when I select an album in Quobuz. I am using a Samsung tablet.

Example 1 (Loaded with Kazoo):


Example 2 (Loaded with Bubble DS):


However, if the piece was loaded into the DSM playlist with Bubble DS and then selected with Kazoo, the picture quality is not worse.

Example 3 (Loaded with Kazoo from the DSM playlist, previously loaded with Bubble DS from Quobuz.)


Kazoo doesn't seem to choose the higher-resolution album art in Quobuz.

Can you set something on the tablet or is LINN in demand here?

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A very interesting observation Peter.

I only ever use Kazoo on a MacBook or iPhone/iPad but have always been disappointed by the low res art work used for the background image as you illustrate here.

This only seems to be the case when streaming from the likes of Qobuz or Tidal. When I stream from my NAS the artwork quality is good.

I hope that there is a user setting that can be changed, but I've not discovered it. I'd suspect this is a streaming services issue rather than a Linn one. However, your 3rd example would suggest that the artwork from the streaming services is actually good but that the Linn DS converts it to low res when using Kazoo only?


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Hard to tell on my iPad.  The Linn app with the white background is a smaller image anyway...



Linn app


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