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Sugden Symetra Monoblocks and AU51 Pre amp

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Tis with a heavy heart that im letting these go but needs must etc plus i just dont use them so time to move on.  I dont have the original boxes for any of them, but there are boxes of some description to pack but definitely not sturdy enough to trust them with postage so this is unfortunately collection only from Eye area in Suffolk.  I 'may' be going to farnham at some point in the near future but thats not planned just yet. Plus i would rather the buyer heard them before taking away so theres no arguments regarding functionality. 

Monos £1000

Pre £750

I'll get some better photos up later as although the units are in very good condition, there are obviously some marks.


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Quick update.

The mono's have been withdrawn from sale because of ...'reasons' :P (whoever said valve amps were reliable needs a kick in the jewels)

The pre has had some interest but the casework has put at least one person off.  Personally, i thought i was pricing these to sell and as they are over 30 years old without original boxes, there will be some battle scars unfortunately.  Anyhow, i will post some more photos up later today to give the full picture but in order to keep the juices bubbling, price drop to £650.

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On 15/04/2021 at 12:03, Ratcatcher said:


Well done. Please "report" your opening ad as per guidelines.

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