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FS: Klotz MC5000 & Neutrik NF2C-B Hifi-Stereo Cinch, Cable aprox. 1m

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The Klotz & Neutrik 1m Dual Phono Cable is made with Klotz studio balanced microphone cable is ideal for use with very high quality products. It features a PVC jacket, aluminium braided shield and double counter rotating stranded copper cores.highest-end microphone cable transmits signals over long distances with minimum loss and low attenuation, thanks to a range of characteristics including its cross-section of 0.50 mm².

cable no.: MC5000
cond. construction: stranded bare copper, 28 x 0.15 mm
cond. cross section: 0.50 mm2
core arrangement: 2 cores twisted to a pair
shielding: double, counter-rotating, bare copper spiral shield
overall diameter: 7.0 mm
conductor resistance: < 40 Ω/km
capacitance cond./cond.: 55 pF/m
capacitance cond./shield: 95 pF/m
insulation resistance: > 0.1 GΩ x km

Connector: Cinch (Neutrik NF2C-B)
Connection first to ground, then to signal path, when unplugging first signal path, then ground is disconnected
Precisely milled parts
Unique Neutrik collet chuck strain relief
Gold-plated contacts

25.- EUR plus shipping within EU (& GB)

And as always:
Private sale, warranty and exchange excluded.

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