What's the real story behind Kralk Audio demise?

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Super Wammer
1 minute ago, Alan Kralk said:

I wouldnt wish what happened to us on anybody let alone those two that did it mate, its been 9 months of hell so far and its still no nearer getting resolved, 10 years of hard work down the pan for nothing.

This is such a sad story, having heard a pair of your speakers, I know how good they were. Good luck with the ongoing fight.

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On 29/09/2020 at 10:07, Alan Kralk said:

Aye im still here dont worry, any service requirements for my speakers will still be honored under there original 5 year warranty, the address is the same as where they were purchased from, the write up on the website as you have probably all guessed was nothing to do with me and as you can see, it doesnt even have my contact details on it, i cant say much about those 2 as not much of it would be nice, there is an ongoing solicitors battle taking place to try and resolve things, but yeah im still here wife is doing great after she had the heart attack in May when all this crap started and at some point i will get back to doing what i love doing and wont be daft enough to let anybody into the business again.. cheers for all your support over the years, its great to know there is a bit of back up out there...thanks guys...

So sad to hear about this. More than just a bit of support Alan. I was an early Kralk adopter, have bought a couple of pairs of speakers direct from you and was 100% impressed.

A real speaker design talent and one of hi-fi's genuine good guys, and there aren't too many of those. You can't keep a good guy down, so, as soon as you get this shit sorted you can bank on my support.

Until then, take care.


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