FS Schiit G5 USB card for Yggdrasil (and Bifrost Gungnir?)

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Here we have a Schiit G5 USB card now surplus to requirements as I have upgraded to the Unison card in my Yggy.

Looking for £70 to include free post to UK. Circa £140 new. Will post overseas but additional cost may be due I will charge what it costs me nothing more.

Item in New Forest.

Thanks for looking and stay safe!

The G5 upgrade is best described here:

Forget decrapifiers, regenerators, isolators, and all the USB dongles and boxes you’ve been told you need for USB sound. Our all-new Gen 5 USB input doesn’t require any of that stuff. It’s this simple: Gen 5 is USB, solved. 

The new Gen 5 USB input board features:
1.Electromagnetic and electrostatic isolation using transformer coupling. 
2.Self-power by the DAC for the critical low-noise re-clocking and latching sections.
3.Precision local clocks for both 44.1 and 48k multiples.
The new Gen 5 board is an upgrade for any Bifrost, Gungnir, or Yggdrasil with the Gen 1, 2, or 3 USB inputs, and now ships standard with every new Bifrost, Gungnir, or Yggdrasil.


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