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For Sale: Shure SE846 (bronze) incl BT cable and lots of extras

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Right, since I rediscovered IEM upgrades my wallet is damaged beyond repair and I have stuff lying around that's too good to be doing nothing. Therefore, these sadly have to go.
Let me explain why there are so many extras included with this sale - I have owned the SE846 since release. However, around a year and a half or two years ago, I had them stolen from my hotel room. So the replacement (for sale now) will include anything that was left over in the box of the original pair.
As a loyal Shure customer, I've amassed dozens of tips, loads of cables and a few carry cases too. I'll be getting rid of the majority of this stuff, most of which will be included in this sale.
So you'll get the original, in the box with all accessories (unused, as I already had loads of tips/cables etc.)
You'll also get:
2 x extra cables with microphone
3 x extra cables without microphone
1 x bag of yellow foamies (see pics below)
1 entire additional set of SE846 extras and another carry case (including an additional set of the filters EXCEPT for the blue one which was in the IEMs when they were stolen)
And if you want it, you can have the box that the original ones came in which are visible in the photos, although I'm not sure why you'd want it.
Anything else to know? Well I did accidentally tear a small part of the cardboard box it comes in when I first opened them, so if that bugs you, then this isn't the sale for you.
Asking price is £450 incl postage within the UK
Open to interesting trades, although it would be for something like a Topping A90/D90 etc.
Right, that's enough from me, the pictures below should be worth more than these words....
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