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Wireless Earphones

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for some new earphones for whilst i'm out running. I have Shure E2C which are old now, and I don't really get on with the cable design. Besides, my Samsung S20 doesn't have a headphone jack.

So I am considering wireless earphones, or "buds" as they are sometimes referred to.

Question is, are the "true" wireless earphones any good in terms of sound?

As with most things, there is a massive choice from the likes of Amazon, but I don't mind paying say £100 - £150 for something decent.

Cambridge Audio have some which are £100, and the reviews seem promising. Or Sony have a slightly more expensive option.

I would like some opinions from you guys if possible :) Thanks.

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Bose have always been the most comfortable with decent sound headphones I've ever used. They have a new set of sound sport out but being Bose you do pay a premium for them. But I've had a set of Bose headphones for over 10 years, if you plan keeping them that long they are worth the cost and you get your monies worth.

The Cambridge seem to good reviews though and they are a bit more affordable.

https://www.bose.co.uk/en_gb/products/headphones/earbuds/bose-sport-earbuds.html?mc=05_PE_WH_GMC201005&ad_rid=265210831&ad_blid=1279752562&mi_u=265210831&cid=DM369876&bid=1279752562&sc=EU Remainder#v=sport_earbuds_triple_black

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RHA Trueconnect are good and get very good reviews.

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Cheers guys,

I went with the RHA Trueconnect which were reasonably priced (paid about £65), and they seem pretty good.

I've been out running with them once so far. I used the smallest foam tips which aren't perfectly secure, and need pushing in every few minutes. That said, I would think this will be the case with most. I will try the medium size and go from there.

Thanks for your help via PM as well ;)

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bit late to this party but i got some of these


they sound good (better than Bose to my ears) and are super secure.

They also can take calls and adjust volume and skip tracks from the little dongle thing. I personally prefer wireless with a cable to true wireless but others might disagree.

In fact the only negative i have on them is that the nice woman tells me "battery good", "battery average" or "battery low" when I turn them on but not when i turn them off which is when you have the opportunity to charge them.

as long as you remember to charge them it's fine but i have once been caught out by wanting to leave the house for a run only to be told battery low (and they did run out during the run).

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