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Quick LMS material Skin query


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I think LMS does gapless natively


from wiki


All players in the Logitech/Slim Devices Squeezebox range support gapless playback for all gapless formats (lame MP3, FLAC, Vorbis, etc.). Crossfading is also optionally available.

not from wiki, but info from Material Skin

The player can gradually transition between songs, either by crossfading between them, or by fading songs in or out. Choose the type of crossfade you would like.

Smart Crossfade
If Smart Crossfade is enabled, successive tracks played from the same album will not use the Crossfade setting.

Crossfade Across Different Sample Rates
It may be appropriate to disable crossfading between tracks with different sample rates. This may be required if this player produces a burst of noise during such transitions.

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Just played a live album for first time since reacquainting myself with LMS. But gaps between tracks annoying.

This is a one concert album and played on other distros such as volumio and runeaudio, played without track breaks.

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