High Res files, DAC, USB to digital coax input?

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Chemo has finished, recovery starts with some time on my hands yippeeeeeee!!

For all sorts of reasons I have traded my Devialet Expert Pro for a Hegel 190 and am very pleased with it.

I currently use a Melco, which I have been pleased with, but when Melco moved to software upgrades for £500 I decided that when I could replicate or better my sound in my system then I’m out of that brand.  Hence I’m building a Roon NUC which I am hoping will become my digital music source (time on hands)

A little disappointment with the Hegel is that the DAC limits USB implementation to max resolution of 24-bit/96kHz which is fine.  I do have some DSD files and Hi Res 24-bit/192kHz files as well.  I can listen to the files, except the DSD files have to be instructed via the Melco to be played as PCM.

The digital coax input does not have the 24-bit/96kHz limit.

Here’s my question …………     is there a quality way of getting my USB signal converted to a digital coax input that isn’t going to break the bank? Anyone point me to a product or has one they would recommend

All the best


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Super Wammer

First of all, wishing you a speedy recovery, from your treatment.

If you have time on your hands, have you thought about having a play with a raspberry pi4. I think you would be very surprised at the SQ that can be had from these. They can be used as a server or player, you can plug usb external hd in, add a hat , for spdf out, or use it as I do straight out of the USB into my Oppo dac, or any USB dac of your choice.

There are also these at varying prices, but I have no idea what they are like SQ wise.®-Adapter-Digital-Coaxial-Converter/dp/B00DP7PWIK/ref=pd_lpo_147_t_2/261-5672436-7533458?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00DP7PWIK&pd_rd_r=404ab2f9-e9f9-42ab-af34-12e53f50e7e6&pd_rd_w=yMn0P&pd_rd_wg=CqgBU&pf_rd_p=7b8e3b03-1439-4489-abd4-4a138cf4eca6&pf_rd_r=QQSYP09MYTJNADMKRCE9&psc=1&refRID=QQSYP09MYTJNADMKRCE9

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There is also this

a rpi4b with a spdif hat would connect into the amplifier.


good wishes for your recovery :^

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wishing you a speedy recovery.

Appreciate what you’ve said about a Roon NUC but could I just echo the reply by @greybeard re Raspberry Pi.

I’m currently running a Pi4 with Moode software, outputting over USB into a Schiit Modi 3 DAC and then a Rega Brio.

Not strictly streaming, but locally stored FLAC files. 

Although I admit I haven’t heard/compared the SQ v much more expensive streamers, but I have to say that I consider the SQ from the Pi4 astonishing given its price point. And that’s on USB - before considering adding SPDIF Co-ax out.

the Moode SW can also do so much more than I am using it for.


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Get a USB media converter. The brands I have personal experience with are:

Singxer SU-1

Audiobyte Hydra Z

There are others both newer and potentially cheaper from the likes of Matrix Audio etc.


This is by far the simplest way to get from a PC type device to the digital inputs of a HiFi device.
A Pi would be my next suggestion loaded with Ropieee and fitted with a suitable HAT. But that isn’t a USB solution and adds an extra layer of complexity to your solution.

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Mutec MC3+USB will take your USB signal and send it out 

SPDIF coax

SPDIF optical


It will also re-clock the signal making the sound better

It can cope with 192k and DSD etc

I use one. If you have a long cable run - you will need to spend on a quality cable. My 5 meter cable cost me £90

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