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It Started With Isoacoustic Gaia’s and Quickly Got Out Of Hand

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I placed IsoAcoustic mini-pucks under the feet of all the components, the Q-Nap 251, and the Shunyata Denali and all together, they have made a nice, gentle improvement. It is a subtle one that you begin to notice after a few days. Suddenly, a background timpani in a work you know well sound more robust, crisper and softer: its ring lingers a tad more. They are not an in-your-face upgrade, but one that creeps in and is worthwhile [at least for me].  Cheers.

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When is saw your post, Nopiano, I tried to find it but found this instead https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/isoacoustics-gaia-i-ii-and-iii-loudspeaker-isolation-feet It is a review o

My Gaia III’s arrived today and fitted to my Akudoriks this afternoon. First impressions are good. I always felt my suspended wooden floor added something unwanted to the overall sound in my room. I t

That's a pucking lot of new gear there Paul That Stage platform looks very familiar - like a latter day IsoPlat.  Eventually the subliminal message sank in...

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