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Repairer recommendation in UK for Berning ZH270 amp?


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Here's what leaky caps can do.............it's that blackened, burnt looking patch on the circuit board

leaky caps.jpeg

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I sympathise with your predicament as I have had very similar story with my Berning ZH-270s.

I managed to drop Some record cleaning fluid onto the circuit (when the amp was on! yikes). But luckily I seem to have got away with it - and it works still fine with that issue. 

However I was noticing that the capacitors were going. I had them changed by a local friend Here in Totnes, Who is electrical engineer. He changed all other capacitors in one of the units. If you want his name send me a PM and I will give it to you.

Let me know how you get on with your repairs.

These really are very special amplifiers - and if you have the right valves inside them - and your driving them the right speakers -they are very difficult indeed to find a better substitute.


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