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My system at Home - NAIM, Linn & B & W

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morning ALL

just joined the forum, should of done this some time ago, I was never in the old Linn forum but have been a member of the NAIM forum for a number of years


when I got my first part time job at school the first purchase was a music system - Technics in those days late 1970's, over time got into NAD (which my son still uses C-370 AMP is still brilliant) and started my NAIM & Linn Journey 20 + years ago - always went down the seperates route which is where I am today, moved up from 202, 282 and now 252 on PRE, AMP's 200 which I had for 12 years and then 300 which I had DR back at NAIM HQ - power suppliers HCDR & Supercap - HCDR was on both 202 and 282 and then moved to power my NAIM pre Fix Supercap on first the 282 and now 252 - also use NAIM Fraim as equipment rack - NAIM system is NDX/Chord Bridge 252/SC/300DR

Linn journey - first deck was Rega 1, it was in 2001 when I first met Peter Swain @Cymbiosis who has guided me through the various upgrades, still have the same deck well outerplater and hinges are about the only things left Cartrdige DV10, DV20 and now DVxx2 - the deck had it's first serious upgrades with Kore and Lingo 4 PSU, always used a NAIM stage line through the Pre's, then had a NAIM Pre powered by HCDR - the deck as it stands today is nearly 100% Karsouel, Kore, Urika, Tiger Paw Khan, Ekos SE, DVxx2 powered by Akrute Radkial

only owned 2 sets of speakers in all those years Spendor S6e and current B&W 805N with HNE Granite stands - use Chord Oydessey Speaker cable

My Mains leads are Titan Audio Electra on NDX Eros on 300 I have NAIM power line on Supercap with Titan Sytx mains block

my NAS is QNAP HS210 with 4TB of memory through Chord ethernet cables store in FLAC NDX converts to WAV on the fly

My vinyl is 90% of what I lisen too, NDX for FLAC & Iradio - I don't stream

so that's me - I work in the wine trade and have done since 1999, prev to that worked in Hotels & restaurants



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Hi Antz Davis,

Welcome to the wam. Good looking system you have there, it reminds me of being in Cymbiosis! I have also spent the last 12years being looked after by Peter. Looks like the only thing you're missing is a Keel 😁

I'm relatively new here myself but you might get more of a response to your post if you move it to the 2 channel thread, but don't ask me how to do it I only understand vinyl 😄

Cheers Ady 

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thanks Ady - next and LAST upgrade upgrade on my deck with either be Keel or Tangerine Audio Phoenix which @Cymbiosis can demo the difference

Will try and move to 2 channel but, like you I don't want to press the wrong connection

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