The UK/EU Trade Deal

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What we now have, is a "Hard Brexit" (certainly harder than we could have had under T.May). The OBR has forecast that this will cause a drop in output of 4%.

This is most unlikely to be made up with other Trade Deals...for example, a US Trade Deal will only boost the economy by around 0.16%.

The Trade Deals we do get, are unlikely to be better than we had under the EU and will require us to give away bits of Sovereignty to get them.

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Super Wammer
1 minute ago, CnoEvil said:

Deal done with Spain over Gibraltar:


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Posted (edited)

You removed the Daily Express Fishing links?

EDIT ignore. Twas on other Brexit thread !

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Went to order a few things from in the last few days and being asked to pay large import fees now to Ireland. Bye Bye Amazon.

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7 hours ago, michaelgb said:

Went to order a few things from in the last few days and being asked to pay large import fees now to Ireland. Bye Bye Amazon.

Buy from Amazon fr/de etc?  Better value for your euros! Plus You will be support your EU businesses. 

or, grab a coffee and peruse the new regs. Buying from bezos should remain same,  IF you are  buy products supplied or fulfilled by Amazon, 

<<Amazon Import Fees Deposit 

Amazon is the largest online retailer in Europe an thousands of people in Ireland shop online at Amazon UK every day.
Since January 1st, some Irish shoppers will be seeing an extra item at checkout on Amazon called an Import Fees Deposit . This will be a combination of Irish VAT and and customs duties that are due.

Did the Brexit Deal Rule out Import Duties on EU UK Trade ?

Even though a trade deal was agreed between the EU and UK (Dec 24th) It did not rule out the possibility of import duties on some items. Read on to find out why.

A Summary of what the deal means for online sales from the UK to Ireland :-

  1. There is no customs duty on products made in the UK and delivered to Ireland or any other EU country.
  2. Duty may be charged on some categories of goods coming from the UK with a “country of origin*” outside the UK – but only IF the order is more than €150.
  3. Orders with a value below €150 (before postage charges) will NOT be liable to Irish customs duty regardless of the product’s country of origin.
  4. UK VAT should not be charged on any orders delivered to Ireland from the UK. However, Irish VAT will apply to orders over €22.
    If retailers are doing things correctly – this should mean a price reduction on items under €22 IF UK VAT was being charged by the seller.
  • *Country of origin rules are complex . See here or here .
    For example something made in the UK with only materials produced in either the EU or UK will be classed as UK origin. However something made in the UK with , for example , 51% or more of materials from China – might not be treated as UK origin, depending on the type of product.

Amazon Import Fees Deposit Explained 

Items Sold By Amazon

Amazon UK will knock off the UK VAT and then show any Irish import VAT and duties as “The Import Fees Deposit” at checkout. 

Amazon states that “you won’t be charged additional fees if the actual Import Fees exceed the Import Fees Deposit we estimated.”

Amazon UK say they will pay any Irish import VAT and duties on your behalf so you won’t be getting emails or texts from An Post or couriers demanding extra charges on delivery

If the actual Import VAT and Duty charged turn out to be less than the Import Fees Deposit collected by Amazon, they say you’ll automatically be refunded the difference by Amazon and you’ll receive a notification e-mail confirming the amount of the refund.

See the Amazon UK Page on Import Deposits

Items Sold on Amazon by third party sellers and Fulfilled By Amazon

In general when sold to Ireland – these items should be treated the same as items sold by Amazon .
UK VAT should not be charged , Irish VAT and any duty should be calculated and shown at checkout as the “Import Fees Deposit”.
The only difference could be that some third party sellers may not be charging UK VAT because they are not UK VAT registered . With those sellers you won’t see a reduction in the basic item price at checkout – because there is no UK VAT to deduct. Irish VAT will still be added and any duty where applicable and shown as Import Fees Deposit

Items sold and Dispatched by Third Party Sellers

It looks like many of the third party sellers on Amazon that organise their own deliveries might not be charging the correct import VAT or import duty that is applicable for orders coming to Ireland. (Especially the sellers based outside Europe) .
If you order anything over €22 from these sellers you should probably expect to be asked to pay 21% VAT on delivery plus an admin fee of at least €10.
If you order anything over €150 from these sellers – you may be liable for import VAT and you might also be liable for import duty on arrival.
(This might not be true for 100% of third party sellers.)

If you don’t want the hassle and delays caused by this – you might want to avoid these type of sellers for now . Or possibly check Amazon Germany for the same items.  >>


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Also doesn't bode well for selling the Dac I've just listed in the classifieds :doh:

Presumably taxes will be charged on the "declared" value of it by British Customs/excise coming from Ireland. 

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