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FS Audiostore mite ssd


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For sale 240gb ssd audiostore mite bought from Vortexbox uk in July 2020 (£374) and is just not being used. Fantastic little streamer uses 30gb for the operating system, plenty of room for couple hundred cds and memory can easily be expanded using usb stick. Very small footprint about size of a cd but about inch thick. Can include 1m cat 7 cable and a cheap cd drive to get you started. Came with no box as Martin at vortex box sent it back with my old Vortexbox after transferring music.




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Hi Gary yes saw that, don’t think so just silent and fanless  and quick are the benefits 

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The unit runs a custom version of sonicorbiter software and rips tags cds and serves them via Ethernet or usb plus a lot more that I haven’t used!

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It’s been pointed out to me I should note that on the web you can see an unconfigured price for a mite of £295 but this is unconfigured, the price I paid was £374 and have the receipt which is what you will see if you configure a mite to same spec.

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Spec as ordered:

Product Qty Total
 [Mite] Audiostore Mite 1 £300.00
 Mite Configurations : 240GB SSD (~450 CD) - £45.00
 Mite Output Options : Standard. Just USB and network - £0.00
 Misc items : Upgrade to 4GB RAM - £20.00
 Special features : None - See description - £0.00
 Choose Network Cable : 1M cable (included) - £0.00
SubTotal Tax Delivery
Audiostore Ltd. 15 Mount Sion, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN11UD. UK

£304.17 £60.83 £9.30

user manual attached

Setting Roon & LMS Audiostore Nova v4t.pdf

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