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Melco N1 users or IT wizzards – help please. Melco not visible on network

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My Melco has been visible on my main computer and laptop on my home network for ages with no problems.
  • Home network is all win10 machines, three desktops and one wireless laptop
  • Melco is connected to network using Tplink powerline adapters for 5 years +
  • Melco and internet tuner, Magnum Dynalab MD801, function as normal
  • Being visible on network means if I need to tweak a tag or artwork then it can be done quite easily

Recent Microsoft updates I suspect have rendered the Melco now not visible on the network. Everything else is – shares printers etc

I have looked extensively on the internet for solutions e.g enabled and disabled SWBv1, checked network discovery, checked and double checked Advanced network sharing settings

This Melco suggestion is weird


Find "Windows Credentials" on ◎(Cortana) task bar => click"Add a Windows credential"
=>Address:\\(friendly name)
User name: nobody
Password: nobody

I have done this – BUT the password saved has 8 digits not 6 no matter how many times I enter it, delete and re-enter – this might be the problem but I don’t know how to fix it
I am no expert, but reading win10 stuff it seems that SMBv1 is not secure and maybe each win10 update seeks to not let it be used.
I found that without SMBv1 the Melco share remained invisible
Also the function discovery alterations appeared a sensible tweak so I follwed the instructions in the link
So last night success - visible on network, this morning back to square one
Has anyone else had such problems? Can anyone give some extra advice what to check, click, declick or swear at?
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Switch off the firewall on one machine and see if the device becomes visible again on that machine.

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