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Advice requested around new system feat Wharfdale Linton Heritage

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@Lurch, that's so funny!  Daddy's music.  If she's still into it she could come and be a security guard for me here, cant afford to pay her much mind...

I think my plan is now (based on @rabski's good idea) buy a couple of 1.5' granite worktop offcuts and screw them into the bases of some floorstanders, then put some padding on the edges of the granite to protect against her falling and smacking her head on it.

I'm thinking used Dali Oberon 7s (can get a pair for £700ish), but can anyone tell me:

1) Based on my pic, is it too much speaker for the room?  5s are an option too but I cant find any used so theyd cost about the same as the 7s anyway...

2) Does anyone have oberons, and could tell me how the aluminium base attatches to the speaker?  If it scres in the bottom like spikes I'm cool, but I cant find any pics to confirm this...

As always, thanks all for your input.

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When my speakers and amps were in the living room 10 years ago, 3 smalls under 5, they were all on a shelf about a foot below the ceiling. Surprising how much bass you get from a small pair of speakers mounted up there. I have my own office now and  my valve amps are still up next to the ceiling. Bit awkward swapping the heavy ones over though.

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5 hours ago, Muttoninyourears said:

2) Does anyone have oberons, and could tell me how the aluminium base attatches to the speaker?  If it scres in the bottom like spikes I'm cool, but I cant find any pics to confirm this...

Have you looked at the manual?...https://media-dali.azureedge.net/5320/oberon-manual.pdf

It looks like the stand is already fitted, though I maybe misread it, but you could presumably use the spike threads to attach your own support?

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Thanks for your input everyone.  I have implemented the new-world setup phase 1 for anyone who's interested - cost a bit, but here's my setup and thinking:

- Bought an old chest 85cm high, bought 2nd hand Roksan K3 and 2nd hand Oberon 7s (~£750 each)

- All the wiring's hidden under the chest.  The grilles on the speakers have plastic reinforcement so can't be pushed through. The sprog can for now, reach the front of the amp but that's it, so it'd take some unusual circumstance (gets a pint of water from somewhere and lofts it over the whole lot) to do some damage.  She could MAYBE knock the turntable slightly, but not much, and she can;t reach the cartridge.

- The speakers are pretty sturdy, but, as suggested, when she picks up some extra velocity, I will mount some 4cm thick chopping boards (already found some in a not-dissimilar dark walnut hue) under the speakers to add stability.  I did overlook the big 4' air ports at the back that she likes sticking her arms in - I'm buying some metal car speaker grilles that I'll gaffer tape over the backs to stop her inserting the various trinkets into the body of the speaker

- for phase 2 (when she becomes larger and more powerful), I'll put the 'business end' up on a higher shelf - over on the left, where you see the vinyl now.  I reckon then she'll be approaching 3 before she can start messing with the TT.  Then I'll maybe have to move it up another shelf.

So AFAICT, the only danger really will be of her mangling/drawing on the speakers, and I'm not too fussed there.  So I reckon I've got a pretty good solution!

System is now:

PC with Musicbee / Bluetooth from a range of sources

TV Optical input

Project 1Xpression with Ortofon Blue

CA Dacmagic 100

Dali Oberon 7s 

BK XLS200 (not sure if its ideally positioned but it cant really go anywhere else and it sounds good to my ears).  NB - probs need to stop her going round the back of that too.

By the standards on here it's probably no giant killer, but I'm pretty happy with it, sounds f**Kin sweet!  Now I'm thinking though - is the Dacmagic up to the standard of the rest of the kit?  There's always something to upgrade, right?  Maybe TT after that...the Marantz TT-15S1 looks pretty nice...


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