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Pearl drum kit

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It saddens me to have to do this but long term illness which includes the need for a liver transplant as a result of contracting sepsis and a massively enlarged spleen that needs removing means I will not be able to play again. Thank god for HiFi as my other passion.  As  my treatment and surgery will be in Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham  and will be there for 8 weeks , I need to raise funds for Hotel or air b&b for my wife and 2 sons as we live in Anglesey North Wales.

The kit is a Pearl Vision SLX  5 piece kit. A 1974 Ludwig 3.5 inch piccolo snare and new Mapex MPX 6.5 hammered steel snare. Zildjian  ZXT cymbals , 20” ride, 18” crash,  16” rock crash, 16” thin crash, 16” chinese, 12” splash, 2 x 10” splshes. Tama Iron cobra kick drum pedal, Tama 1st chair drum throne with back rest. All cased and all stands ready to gig. Excellent condition . Well over £2000 worth of gear. Thank you for looking .

Asking 1600 ono

Located in Anglesey




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We don't allow interest checks in the classifieds (see pinned post in this section). Either recast this as a for sale as or it will be removed - sorry.

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The introduction of Pearl Export in 1982 changed the drum kit market forever. It was a high quality entry level kit that set new standards. In just a few years all other manufacturers were scrambling to compete with it.

Pearl Export

The original Export line defined the universal features that a beginner's drum kit should have for well over three decades. By 1995, Pearl had already shipped one million kits to customers! Each year, the specifications of the Pearl drums improved and improved, until finally Pearl introduced the Forum range to re-establish itself in the budget percussion market.

Then, in 2007, the name Export was dropped and replaced by a new one - Vision, while the entry-level niche was occupied by the Target series. So the range of names was as follows: Target-Forum-Vision. Now, however, Pearl has reverted back to the name Export, but the name Forum has been dropped, so the list now looks like this: Target-Export-Vision.

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Would take £1350 as need to start sorting funds fir my wife to be able to stay in accomodation while I am having treatment in Birmingham hospital. I have yet again been admitted to my local hospital so I anticipate this to be quite soon. I would very much appreciate any help with this.

Thanks Simon

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