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Is it worth buying an SACD Player vs a DAC

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Thank you all, you’ve largely backed up what what my equally large gut was telling me. I wish the desire to keep on exploring new kit could be suppressed by doing something other than exploring new kit! I think I will try a dac sometime in the future, I had also come to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to be cheap if I wanted a noticeable improvement. The other factor is that it would give me the option of room correction, often something I read about and find myself frustrated that I can’t try it. Having said that, I would wait on that until it requires less user input and is potentially even cleverer than it is now...I digress, as always, great to hear your views.

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Big collection of SACDs myself on a dedicated player but these are not Cheap

 or bluray / universal player + break out box into a DSD Dac

Some disc players still have S/PDIF digital outputs, but SACD-licensing rules forbid any unencrypted digital output from DSD tracks, even if internally converted to PCM  (Digital BreakOut Box) extracts DSD from an HDMI input and outputs DoP (DSD-over-PCM) via either of its two S/PDIF connectors: one RCA and one TosLink. It can also extract and output stereo PCM signals.

 GeerFab Audio D.BOB digital breakout box | Stereophile.com

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Looking on eBay used playstation 3's  are around £50 if you wanted a inexpensive way to scratch the itch.

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If you want some future proofing/repairability then an Esoteric or a dCS with an Esoteric mech would be a good bet.  They will also have decent built-in DACs, and some have digital inputs as well.

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