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WTB: Audioquest 10M active HDMI, or standard 8M.

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Hi All,

I'm looking for a 10M Audioquest active HDMI cable, or a non-active but at least 8M, preferably higher up the scale than the Pearl.

Currently using an active 10M Cinnamon between a Roku stick and projector and I really like that but I need to hook up a blu-ray player too so I'm certainly open to others like perhaps Chocolate, Forest, or Carbon or something along those lines. It can even have a sillier name, I don't mind :)

I do like Audioquest AV cables but I'm equally open to other suggestions too if you have something that would suit a longer connection.

Many thanks in advance.

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I’ve got a Mark Grant HDMI,  pretty sure it’s 8m but can check tomorrow if it’s any interest??

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Thank you, I've been giving it some thought and I think I'm probably better off sticking with the Audioquest now seeing as there are a few of their cables in the set up already and I know that I like what they do.

Much appreciated though :)

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I'm using passive WireWorld HDMI at 9m and 12m without issue.

I've also used an active, USB powered fibre optic cable without issue.

I don't have anything longer than 5m for sale atm however just wanted to open up potential options for you. I think Chord does a long passive one too.

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Thanks crxvtec, it's an odd situation I suppose but for some reason only the active Audioquest HDMI cables do the trick over that distance. I'm not sure why though. I've tried other cables supposedly high speed 4K jobbies, even a different brand active cable, but the projector screen kept going pink and the only way to reset was unplug and plug in again. The Audioquest active was the only cable to perform faultlessly. 

Ultimately it's only a Roku stick which technically could go right next to the projector but it runs to an AV splitter which then feeds a 9.1 headphones transmitter and the projector separately, plus my blu-ray also needs to be connected to that 9.1 transmitter and the projector too, and they're all on opposite sides of the room, which is confusing me just writing it down!

Ultimately I have boiled it down to the need of one long active Audioquest cable which I know will solve all my problems so I was just trying to get a decent one without breaking the bank. Any changes in the distances of the other items will require several other new cables for the splitter, 9.1 transmitter, blu-ray etc etc so I'm just trying to stick to what I know before my head explodes :) 

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