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FS: Sonneteer Alabaster integrated amplifier

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In black with silver coloured knobs. No box. Great condition with one small mark back right on the top plate (third picture). This is the a line only integrated amplifier. Lovely sound. Only selling as I have just bought a Crayon CIA-1T integrated amplifier and this is too good to be just sitting there doing nothing.

SOLD £700 - Payment via Bank Transfer + safe collection




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Their reputation proceeds them but I have never seen a web site with so little information about the products they offer.

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This is a very musical sounding amp that just sounds right and Ian is a great guy to deal with.  If your in the market at this price range, snap it up, as you won’t get better and I don’t think it will be here long !  

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contacted sonneteer over the weekend about something , very responsive . surprised this has not been snapped up

from a review
Some characterize a “British” component sound as one that is voiced to prioritize warmth over stark transparency, politeness over detail, and relaxation over speed. Yes, those elements do serve well as broad brushstroke descriptors for the sonic signature this amplifier. Music portrayal is forgiving, perhaps akin to that heard several rows back in an auditorium where cymbal crashes and brass instrument blasts lose their bite as part of the bigger musical picture. At the same time, clinging to those generalizations would not do the Alabaster justice. These audible characteristics do make the Alabaster a joy to settle into for long, fatigue-free listening sessions. However, the sum of its sound is not bound to those overly-simplified descriptors. For example, listening to Bill Laswell and Jah Wobble’s dub-inspired collaboration Radioaxiom, the Alabaster reproduces low bass notes with solidity, musicality and drive which create the illusion of control by a more powerful amplifier. Those 100 watts never pull punches when needed.

However, the Alabaster’s sound is beguiling, and this integrated amp is piece of gear to be enjoyed for many years to come. The warmth of its sonic character will help it mate well with many sources. If a prospective buyer does not require bells and whistles like a built-in DAC, networking connectivity, variable outputs for a subwoofer, or a remote control, this may be the integrated amplifier he or she has been seeking. I recommend it wholeheartedly, and it handily deserves a 2017 TONEAudio Exceptional Value Award.[9]


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