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For Sale - Velodyne MicroVee subwoofer

Steve Z

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Here for sale is my Velodyne MicroVee powered subwoofer. This is probably the smallest subwoofer you've ever seen, mind you in the immortal words of Yoda, "judge me by my size, you should not" this is so apt with regards to this sub as the tech in it makes it perform like a much bigger sub. It's only a 9.5" cube but it sports a 6.5" long throw front firing aluminium cone woofer with a massive magnet and 2 side firing 6.5" ABRs, the driver is fed from a Class D amp delivering 2000watts peak, 1000watts RMS power which means masses of headroom for any domestic application. I've only ever used it for music where the small driver leads to the sub having excellent transient speed, but I've no doubt it also would work brilliantly for home cinema.

The unit can be left powered up 24/7 as it has a signal detection circuit which powers it up as soon as an input signal is detected then powers down 15 minutes after the signal stops, so it's particularly useful if it's placed somewhere that's awkward to get at.

In the time I've had it, it has worked faultlessly, although a previous owner broke off one of the RCA line input sockets as the originals had a plastic base, so I had both input sockets replaced with higher quality all metal ones which had to be positioned just above where the original sockets were, you can see from the photo of the rear plate I've plugged the original mounting holes with rubber plugs. I will be sorry to see it go but I need to generate some funds towards a new amp. Comes complete with IEC power cable and owners user guide.

I'm looking for offers around £275 including carriage, which will be expensive due to the weight, a good price when you consider it was the thick end of a grand when new.144737be390b55adfd3abbe774f47e36.jpg





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I’ll take it at £225 delivered. Anything to help someone avoid eBay!

Will send you a PM

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