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Doesn't fit anywhere else......

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I really don't know what to say.

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4 minutes ago, awkwardbydesign said:

You have a life?  I'm jealous.

No.....but it doesn't need to be made worse than it already is.  :S

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Watch it with the sound down and the hands the eyes and the cleavage are mesmerising, if we are allowed to notice these things anymore without starting a snow storm!

Actually I have the yes album on and she conducts along with The Clap very nicely.

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Recycle bin is were it belongs.

Reminds me of that Australian who does loads of clever tricks with his acoustic guitar. Whilst interesting it's not music to my ears. What about your ears Ears?

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14 minutes ago, Pete the Feet said:

What about your ears Ears?

Wot about my ears?????  You getting' personal?????  :fight:

(No, the video is just a demo of what is possible but some of the overtone 'throat singing' from Tuva (per ABD) is interesting. There was a Radio 3 prog on it a while back.https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06kgpx9  

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17 minutes ago, awkwardbydesign said:

Suns of Arqa used a Tuvan (or Mongolian) throat singer to good effect, IMO.  But then they mix bagpipes, sitar, reggae to good effect too.

That's what it needs - I must check out the album.  :nup:

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