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Upgraded Power Supplies For Your Switch

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Interesting review of EE 8Switch with technical details about the inside of the switch and comparison to Silent Angel Bonn N8 (because they are almost identical) and some other switches author is familiar with.

In my opinion, the author is pretty down-to-earth in explaining his thoughts and experiance about the theme.

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Of course the measurements are as expected, no difference whatsoever. This stands to reason as there is nothing in the nature of a network switch that could possibly make a difference. The more t

C’mon folks! It’s disappointing to see this thread go the same way as similar threads on other forums. But we’re all friends here. Let’s make sure we stay that way! 

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Thanks for sharing. Very interesting as you say. Simple and straightforward and seemed to make sense - particularly about how different equipment may be affected by the improvements of a better switch. 

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