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After a bit of a change round my Ming Da pre-amp is up for sale, no doubt I’ll regret it as it’s been a stellar piece of kit.

It’s in pretty good condition , slight fading to the valve writing( next to the valves), tiny mark next to the on/off switch, apart from that it’s in good nick.Remote also very good.

No box or packaging, so local collection or reasonable meet-up( when allowed!)

The 4 , 6sn7 are Tung Sol GTB’s.

While it’s been with me it’s been in a rack and so I haven’t used the valve cover, but if your pets/wife/kids are attracted to things that light up and will possibly burn/maim them, it is included.

There is one for sale on a well known site for £1300😳😭😂🤣😂

£550 like said , safe collection, Any questions, fire away! Rotherby , Leicestershire.






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PM sent

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Not a bad pre this...

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Ok I will no doubt regret this but if anyone happens to want this and can pick it up from Durham today or tomorrow, I can let it go. It's a superb pre so I'll explain why...

I've got a high end integrated I'm really happy with in my main system, so I just really wanted to scratch a 6SN7 pre itch in my second system with this.

It is VERY good, but the power amp (gainclone) is not up to the same standard, so either I spend a lot of money on a power amp to match the level of this pre, in a system I rarely use, or I put it away (potentially for years) until I decide to go valve pre power again in the main system, probably when the kids are older.

I'm not at the stage of listing it as I could change my mind at any time(!) but I'm sure I'll survive without it, so if anyone happens to read this post and fancies trying it then you can PM me.

EDIT What was I thinking!! Just tried it into the power section of my integrated and it's sublime I can't get rid of this even if I don't get to use it that often.

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