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News. Spotify HIfi Is coming to challenge Tidal. Could be brutal!

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Super Wammer

In these Corporate times I wouldnt be surprised if only 2 diff organisations own all of them anyway ? We um & ah & they giggle to themselves  :)

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47 minutes ago, Bazzer said:

We could do with a big takeover , too many players , if we include Apple and Amazon that's 6 , mind you the TV services are just as bad , so many subscriptions .

Competition is a good thing for consumers. There are a few more as well such as Napster, Pandora and Wimp etc. You want everything to be owned by Amazon and Apple? 

I would rather have small niche players such as Qobuz than the 2 A s. Some have disappeared already such as Rdio.

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41 minutes ago, StingRay said:

Competition is a good thing for consumers

Yes of course , I wasn't really on about cost , I hate too many choices , not that I should worry I hardly stream I like the owning the physical media .

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