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any dead heads among us?

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On 09/04/2021 at 17:01, hiesteem said:

Thanks for the options. I will give all this some thought. Certainly I feel its worth considering another way of accessing the dead. I do purchase a lot of their stuff on cd which is nice to have and sounds great, but Its very easy to spend  a lot of money on Dead stuff. I just missed out on Winterland 73 box set this morning.

You would of laughed if you saw me frantically trying to get on line on my phone this morning after work as I forgot about the bidding deadline...... 

Discovered yesterday you can now stream archive.org There's a casting button just under the timeline and above the track list for each recording. All you then need is a Chromecast Audio or streaming dac. 

Saves me downloading/burning to CD or rigging a cable up from the iPad to amp.

Some of the audience recordings are of mixed quality. The soundboards and matrixes (soundboard mixed with audience recording) are as good as the CD's to my admittedly ageing hearing. The FM concerts, as mentioned prior, are usually very nice sounding too.

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